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What started as a simple group chat on Facebook to discuss the 2015 E3 Live Stream, has now sprouted one of the internet's most informative and hilarious Podcasts of all time!

Since then our small group has been gaining XP and working up to the harder levels through self promotion and growing not only as Pod casters but as friends to! When we're not recording you'll find us playing some of Nintendo's greatest games, Dueling with the heart of the cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, and having huge debates over the latest Survivor episodes!


All of us at GeekVerse love Gaming, Film, and Comics! They're our passions, and we love to share our passions with all of you guys out there, and adding that with each of our personalities unlocks the perfect bonus level that fans keep coming back to replay, as well as draw in new fans too! 

So we hope that you'll stick with us for a long while and keep supporting us as we go through this Action/RPG game called life together, and for those of you just joining our party now....

"Welcome to the GeekVerse, we will see you In The Search Bar!!!"

Geek's Bio --- 

Batman was my first ever word. 

My Grandmother always said since I was six months old it's been Batman and Wrestling. Nothing has changed over all these years. If anything I've just added to it. Things I've added. A love of Film and TV. A long mancrush list. A British Bulldog that keeps me very busy. 

Years of gaming with PlayStation, Xbox, and most importantly Nintendo. And then.....Just more Batman and Joker. 

Now I get to talk/ramble about my loves on the GeekVerse Podcast! No matter what we're talking about being on the podcast is always a highlight of my week. Whether we're breaking down news, reviews a game or movies, or arguing over fictonal characters fighting one another it's always fun. That's what the podcast is about. We don't take ourselves serious and just having fun with all the great Geek stuff happening in our life. If you're ever wondering which one I am and the cast, I'm the loud one.    #SaveHannibal

What's that? It's Taylor Time!!!

As you all may know, I enjoy everything and anything! Halo, Gears Of War, Assassins Creed and more, all of it and there unique stories and game-play style that they provide fuel my inner geek. An that's just the games! If I were to give reviews of movies I think you'd go insane, some of my favorites include Ghost Rider 2, Transformers 4, and Star Wars III. 

Luckily my fellow geeks have developed the mathematical system to understand my rating plan when we review games and films haha, divide by 2 then add 2 to that number for your official total. Anyways though, I LOVEEEE game and movie scores, the themes and sounds that bring out certain moments in games and film is something that gives me inspiration and motivation, it always has for as long as I can remember! Cruising down the highway doing 90mph and blasting the Legend Of Zelda or Skyrim theme song is what helps me cope with the casuals in every day life. I am a huge supporter of Ubisoft, they always put out good games that reach my heart, and with there motion pictures branch up and running, I might have to put in a resume there! So if you're ever wanting an opinion on something or a solid review of a game or movie, ill give you the best possible advice you could get! xD 

There's to many good games out there an so little time haha. Happy gaming and i'll see you in the GeekVerse! #InTheSearchBar


Hey guys!

So a little bit about me! Some of my favorite games are Halo, Borderlands, Legend of Zelda, anything Mario, Fallout, and of course Pokémon! My love for Pokémon runs deep, so much in fact I actually have a Pokémon tattoo! My favorite movies are probably The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Butterfly Effect, and the Harry Potter series. 

If any one ever wants a Harry Potter marathon I'm in, or I will also settle for a good horror or comedy. Other hobbies include watching anime, and recently I started cosplaying, so if you have any suggestions for an anime to watch send me a message on Facebook! 

See you #inthesearchbar!


What is up with it! 

My two biggest hobbies go to gaming and music. I play all sorts of games although most of my gaming in the past couple years has been to Super Smash Brothers Melee. I've been playing the gaming competitively, learning all the ins and outs and travelling far and wide to tournaments. Some of my other favorite games include CS:GO, Fire Emblem, The Elder Scrolls games, and roguelikes such as Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac. 

As for music, I listen to many old school bands the old school way, on vinyl, and even dabble in some music creation via the guitar, piano or vocals. One thing I've learned through out the cast is that I've missed a lot of those classic movies, but regardless, my two favorite series go to The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. And for TV, I really liked Dexter(mostly), Chuck, Futurama and of course, Hannibal. Thanks for Reading, and I'll see you on the cast #SaveHannibal


Hello and welcome! 

Ever since a young age, video games have been a core part of my life. Starting with some classics such as Rollercoaster Tycoon on my old home pc, moving up to the PS2 and playing even more classics like SSX Tricky, Spyro, and Need For Speed. From there I got a Xbox 360 and that’s where my career in shooters started. From there I poured countless hours into the entire Gears of War franchise as well as Modern Warfare 1 and 2. 

Nowadays you can find me playing games like Heroes of Newerth, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and The Culling on my PC along with plenty of single player focused games such as Wolfenstein, Dark Souls, Faster Than Light, Tomb Raider and many others. I’m also going to start streaming my gameplay of both multiplayer games and singleplayer games so be sure to check it out once it gets up and running! Taking a step away from video games, another recent passion of mine that I picked up around two years ago is Anime. I’ll keep it simple with just my current top 4 list being Kill la Kill, Parasyte - The Maxim, Madoka Magica, and K-On!. When it comes to films and tv shows I must admit I’m a bit of a casual but my favorite films would have to be the original Star Wars trilogy and my favorite show would probably be Breaking Bad. 

While I definitely enjoy my electronic entertainment, I’m also a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi books as well as tabletop gaming. Anyways that’s enough about me, I’ll catch you guys in the searchbar! #Spacetype





Hi there, my name is Kirklin Patzer. I'm a fairly easy going person who loves video games, movies, comic books, sports and numerous other things. My earliest memories with video games starts with the Sega Genesis and PC. On Sega I played titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, NHL 95, Boogerman(yes, that is a game). 

The only game I had at the time on PC was Age of Empires, which turned out to be a major foundation for my love of strategy games. From the first time I played AOE, I absolutely loved everything about it; having total control over your armies, choosing where and how you spend your resources, and getting to develop your own strategy really got me hooked on the genre. Because of this, I grew to love games like Total War, Fire Emblem, Age of Mythology/Empires, Rise of Nations, Alexander and those alike. I definitely identify myself as a variety gamer as I really don't dislike any genre but I do have my favorites. Alongside strategy games, I've always loved sports games, RPG's, Stealth Games, and Story Driven games. My favorites among these genres are games like Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted series, Skyrim (Elder Scrolls Saga), Dishonored, Bioshock, Splinter Cell, NBA2K, Assassins Creed, Witcher 3, NHL, Rocket league and numerous others. Stepping away from video games, I also love sports. I grew up playing Hockey and Soccer, but I pretty much follow all sports. 

favorite superhero growing up was Spiderman. I had tons of his comics and would wake up super early before school to catch the cartoon. Another not-so-guilty pleasure of mine is Dragon ball Z. I've loved Dragon ball Z ever since I was a kid and have seen every episode + movie that has been released at least twice. On the same topic of Dragonball Z, I also found Attack on Titan very enjoyable and am very excited for the next season. Now you know a little more about me, and remember you can always find me on the Geekverse podcast and feel free to join in on my stream which is always lots of fun!