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We hope you enjoy our recent change to our website. Basically what we did is remove the news page from our website and will be posting news exclusively to our social media sites, for ex. Facebook and Twitter. I know it's a downer, BUT, this is where it gets sooooooo good. We are adding a GeekVerse Episodes page, so now instead of scrolling around through SoundCloud, or waiting to see our newest episode pop up on your Facebook newsfeed, you can check out this page to see the most latest episodes of GeekVerse listed below!

The episodes below will only be newly released episodes of the following, GeekVerse, Dynamic Duo, Rant Rave Repeat, Netflix & Fail?, Geeks Creed, and Spider-Man Retrospective. To view/listen to episodes released prior to the most recent, those links are available on our website home page, our social media sites!

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=== GeekVerse ===

Episode 188 The One With Tons Of News And All The Geeks! 

We're talking Star Wars, Spider-Man & Batman Villains, Pokemon Let's Go, Fallout 76 and much much more! 

Movie/TV News We debate what's next for Star Wars. 
Why did Solo disappoint? 
Should a Boba Fett Movie still happen? Should they still do one movie a year? 
Jake Gyllenhaal might be Mysterio, is that the right choice for him? Is Penguin the right Villain for the Solo Batman Film? 
New Christopher Robin Trailer 

Video Games 
We speculate what Fallout 76 could be ahead of E3. 
Call Of Duty Dropping Single Player, Is it For The Best? 
Pokemon dropped a bunch of news, what do we think?

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=== GeekVerse Sub-Podcasts ===

--- Behold the many spin off sub Podcasts that release with the support from GeekVerse Podcast! ---

Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo boys are back for a quick episode to break down some big comic book news and trailers.

Kyle and Travis discuss the disappointing Venom trailer, Deadpool 2 and Jessica Jones Trailers, Michael Bay To Direct A Lobo, and a new Joker Contender!





Netflix & Fail?


This Months Episode : Cult Of Chucky 

 Does this film give the franchise a rush of blood or is it dead on arrival?




Geeks Creed


Hello Assassins & Templars!

Your hosts Taylor Field and Reuben Olson have returned ready to dive head on into discussing the latest reveal of Assassins Creed Odyssey. Talking recent rumors and possible details, check out what we have to say in this latest episode of Geeks Creed!


Spider-Man Retrospective

Welcome Spider Friends to new episode of 

Spider-Man Retrospective!

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Dylan, Kyle, and Travis of GeekVerse and Dynamic Duo sit done, discuss, debate, and have alot of fun along the way talking about this beloved series.

This Months Episodes :

"Tablet of Time"

"Ravages of Time"

"Shriek of the Vulture"

"The Final Nightmare"

We discuss our likes and dislikes in depth of each episode.


Cantina Conversations


Welcome to Cantina Conversations! Taylor and Travis are delivering your in depth Star Wars Conversations Bi-Monthly.

Each show will have one main topic that guys breakdown and give their opinions on. 

After Solo, Taylor and Travis are here to look at the 6 most recent rumoured Star Wars Spin offs. 

They'll be ranked them based on their excitement and whats needed for Lucasfilm