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--- The Wolf Order ---


"The Clown Prince Of Podcast"


"The Mentor"


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The Rankings

--- As Of December 13th, 2017 ---


Current Champion:


Current sports champion:


2 - Kirklin

3 - Sarris


5 - Reuben

6 - Jessica

7 - Kyle

New Match EvEry Week

--- Gauntlet Season 2 Has Begun! ---


   Season 2 IS HERE!

- Travis defends his Title against Kirklin!
- Matches with Agreed Upon Games.


 Gauntlet Rules

The tournament was used to crown a champion and create a ranking system. Only wins and losses from league matches will go against players records. If you win a tournament that will give 1 in the win column. 

Ranked Matches/Number 1 Contenders Matches Games with two opponents play in a match with a game the players can choice. If they cannot agree it will be randomly selected by the allowed games. Wins and Losses will effect rankings.

  Championship Matches

Best Of 3. First two games will be chosen at random. If a third round is needed the players can agree on a game to compete in for the last round. If they cannot agree it will be chosen at random. 

Games can not be played back to back. Lets say one championship Dr.Mario is chosen at random, next match that game is taken out to give the championship matches variety and to test our players. After that match is played the next time a championship match happens DR.Mario would be eligible again.


A knockout is if a player is able to beat their opponent in a championship match without having to go to a third round.

  Rematch Clause

When a Champion loses their title they will immediately get a chance at getting another title shot. They will verse someone in a Number 1 Contenders Match. If they win they get a match to reclaim they’ll title. If they lose their back in with the sharks and have to earn there way back to the title.

Eligible Games

--- Randomly Selected ---



1 V 1 Games - 3 rounds

- Star Wars III Revenge Of The Sith
- Super Mario Strikers
- Sonic Adventure
- Naruto Ninja Storm 4
- Deadliest Warrior
- Dr Mario
- Pokken
- Black Ops 2
- Gears Of War 
- Rocket League
- Godzilla: Save The Earth
- Marvel: Rise Of The Imperfects
- Tony Hawks Underground
- Geometry Wars
- Lord Of The Rings Conquest
- Star Wars Battlefront
- Injustice: Gods Among Us

Free-For-All Games -  2 - 3 People Vs

- Mario Party
- Monopoly
- Star Wars Trivial
- Mario Kart
- Halo 2
- GoldenEye

- UNO Rush

-  Top 20(Movie Trivia)

2 V 2 TAG MATCHES - 1 Match

- Pokemon Stadium
- NHL 13
- StarWhals
- Super Smash Brothers Melee

- Star Fox: Assault

- Mario Tennis

Championship Match -
- Champs Choice(In a Championship Match the champion can choose the game) 

- Challengers Choice(In a Championship Match the champion can choose the game) -Fighters Agreement