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Welcome To The GeekVerse!

We named ourselves GeekVerse in honor of so much Geek Goodness in the world. Right now is the greatest time to be alive if you're a Geek and we cover it all. Video Games, Film, TV, Comic Books, Anime, and more!

Why should you listen to us? There's thousands of great podcasts out there. We're not insiders, we're not experts, we are just like everyone of you, fans. We're a group of friends that are fans just like you, who love that Geek and Nerd Culture which is taking over the media world.

We go in depth and debate many Geek topics but at the end of the day we want this to be fun podcast dedicated to Geek. First and foremost we want you the listener to have just as much fun as we do. Our goal was for this podcast to be a group of friends talking and there just happened to be a microphone in front of us.

The Weekly Podcast consists of News Casts breaking down our favorite news from the week or month. Film and Game Reviews. Specials like our GeekVs where we take fictional Characters and have them fight it out and debate it out. Plus our 5 spin off podcasts that cover a wide variety of Geek Categories. With all the great content we produce we promise between our many podcasts you'll find something for you.

New GeekVerse Episode Every Saturday!
Dynamic Duo - Monthly!
Rant Rave Repeat - Monthly!

Netflix And Fail? - Monthly!

Geeks Creed - Bi-Monthly!

Spider-Man Retrospective - Monthly!

Rot or Not? - Bi-Monthly!


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About Us
About Us

We are a Canadian based Videogame, Film media content Podcast group. With weekly news episodes and our signature special sub Podcast episodes released throughout the week. All the Geeks at GeekVerse work round the clock hours finding exclusive content from rumors to facts, and are the first to post, review and unlock all the details so you and others can enjoy the new content thats just #AcrossTheBay!


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